Gaelic Guides website development forging ahead!

So, behind the scenes we’re working hard to get the website for the new ‘Gaelic Guides’ service up and running. Hopefully not much longer now!

The basic principle behind the Gaelic Guides concept is that the modern, Scottish tourism industry doesn’t do Gaelic very well. There are certainly exceptions, but in the main people in the industry don’t know enough about the language, and even fewer are able to speak Gaelic fluently and use this to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the Highlands and Islands, the culture and the people.

It’s difficult to be sure, but we estimate there will only be a handful of Gaelic-speaking guides – literally 4 or 5. When you add bagpipes and song to the mix, then perhaps the Gaelic Guides offering is truly unique!

We are really looking forward to the website going live, and starting to deal with potential customers – keen to visit the Highlands, but also keen to get that little bit deeper -to get ‘under the skin’ of the area, its people, and its history.

Watch this space!